Investor pool

Unless an observer or liquidator/official receiver appointed by the SFBC is coordinating the actions of the investors and ensuring equal treatment, joint action by the aggrieved parties by way of pooling represents a promising option:

  • Greater credibility before courts and authorities
  • Reduction in costs due to cost sharing
  • Possible actions:
    • Civil actions (see above)
    • Criminal actions (see above)
    • Application to open bankruptcy proceedings without antecedent prosecution

But please note: The interests of the investors may differ:

  • In the absence of some securities, one investor may demand only money and be happy to accept the securities that the dealer still holds.
  • Another investor may demand the available securities which were acquired in his name and for his account.

Due to this situation it is recommended to form two pools: one for creditors and the other for those claiming ownership rights.

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