Contract requirements

  • Titles of the contract parties (principal [investor] and agent [investment adviser])
  • Formulation of the investment goal
  • Deposit structure (see diversification above)
  • Terms of reference to be observed by the agent
  • Description of exclusions (excluded investment types, countries, currencies and industry sectors)
  • Maximum exposure (by investment type, country, currency and industry sector)
  • Minimum requirements (by quality and negotiability)
  • Direct ordering by the client
  • Withdrawal by the client
  • Accounting deadlines, reference currency and performance reports
  • Correspondence arrangements
  • Fees and reimbursement of cash expenditure
  • Place of fulfilment
  • Applicable law
  • Court of jurisdiction

For contract issues or information without obligation: The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland

see BGE 4C.394/2005

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