Hands off!

  • Unsolicited investment offers
  • If the provider is domiciled at an exotic overseas address
  • Promises of double-digit yields
  • Over attractive fees and commissions
  • If the provider entices you with the apparent exclusivity of the offer
  • Snowball systems [new investors pay the returns of existing customers]
  • If the provider finds it difficult to explain his offer
  • If the provider puts you under time pressure [time-limited offer]
  • If the money has to be transferred overseas
  • If the provider is unable to send any product documentation

Don’t get carried away by greed

In general, the more actively the provider promotes his offer, the poorer is his product and performance. Skilled fraudsters pay out considerable returns on a first, low-cost investment transaction in order to realise a follow-up transaction with a much bigger investment amount.

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